1. Ruby 1.9 syntax versus the olden times

    I understand that some old timers in the Ruby development world can be stuck in their ways, but something that drives me crazy is that developers are still using the old Ruby 1.8 style syntax even though, I rarely see apps still running on Ruby 1.8.7.

    Ruby 1.8 syntax: 

    :allow_nil => true

    Ruby 1.9 syntax

    allow_nil: true

    Anyone can see that the 1.9 syntax is much more concise and clean. I understand that old habits die hard, but it’s time to move on. Even Mongoid has completely ditched the old, ugly hashrocket syntax in favor of  keeping with the times.

    I think the worst part is when people still write answers on Stack Overflow or in tutorials using the old syntax.. let’s teach new Ruby developers the future rather than reinforcing outdated practices. Teaching awareness of the old sytax is certainly a good idea, but actually teaching the old syntax as “correct” is a bad idea.

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  2. Fight the blizzard with this fun banger from Tritonal, remixed by Topher Jones.

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  3. A helluva way to start the work day this morning at home. Love me some T-Bone while writing code!

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  4. Here’s a demo for a new track I’m working on.. Still has a bit of work to go but enjoy the preview!

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  5. My son Sebastian at Toys R Us next to a toy where where he’s the model in the picture on the box. #socool

    My son Sebastian at Toys R Us next to a toy where where he’s the model in the picture on the box. #socool

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  6. Your Ecommerce Guide to Election Day — infographic

    Your Ecommerce Guide to Election Day

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  7. 10 years left to live.

    Folks love to say to live like there’s no tomorrow, but if you give that careful thought, you’d never get anything done. You certainly wouldn’t do laundry. You wouldn’t bother learning a new language and you’d have no incentive to care about anyone outside of your immediate household. I wouldn’t waste a minute showering, brushing my teeth or even putting on clothes. Who cares right? The world ends tomorrow!

    On the other end of the spectrum, most people live like they’ll live forever — inching along, lethargic and uninspired, their life going by like sailboats drifting along the horizon. Maybe they feel that life has no meaning for them or, perhaps even worse, they feel like they never have time to do what they want and they never make time.

    It’s time to change your life. Live like you just caught a terminal disease and you have 10 years left to live. It’s enough time to accomplish incredible things, love people, see things, learn things and teach things.

    1. Don’t put off that trip to “someday.” Someday is now. Go. Commit to going somewhere you’ve always wanted to go within the next 300 days. That’s enough time to plan, find a babysitter or request time from work. Go to Tibet, India, Africa, Paris, Bulgaria or Patagonia. Go wherever you’ve always wanted to go. Even if you can’t afford a long trip. Go anyway. 5 days in the Arctic is going to energize your life more than 3 weeks watching stupid TV shows or going to some after-work happy hours.

    2. Love someone. Stop putting that off. Get your ass out there and meet people. Jump in. Get hurt. Get happy. Stop playing with your damned iPhone for a minute and look up when you’re walking down 6th Avenue. You might meet the person of your dreams standing outside of the Chipolte.

    3. Make art. I know you aren’t a “creative” person. Bullshit. Create something, anything and you shall be officially “creative.” Get a Sharpie and draw on frisbees. Or, if you have a Mac, get on Garageband (it’s already on your computer!) and make a song. It doesn’t have to be good, but it has to be you! Who knows, you might surprise yourself. If you’re already an “artist,” then stop making art for other people (or your job) for a few hours a week and instead make something that’s completely pointless. Maybe go graffiti a light pole with a renegade Haiku. Hang flyers all over your neighborhood telling people to eat more vegetables. Do something with absolutely no point other than to make yourself happy and clean out some of the sludge that’s clogging up your life.

    4. Ditch your dead-weight friends. You have ten years left right? Do you really need to hang out with “that guy” every Friday night? Find some people smarter than you, more talented than you, more energetic than you and befriend them. Find people that force you to rise rather than people that continually shoot down your zany (but potentially brilliant) ideas.

    5. Talk to people in elevators. Get to know that Russian doorman at your work. I met a guy who is, incidentally enough, a Russian doorman of a building in NYC who spent 20 minutes answering my questions and talking about life in the old Soviet Union. Now, every day he offers me a smile and is always willing to chat about things. By refusing to be shy, I met an interesting person. Здравствуйте!

    I could write a hundred suggestions, but I’m going to leave you with just one more. (Besides 6 is a number that should drive the Obsessive Compulsive readers bonkers and I like fucking up the universe from time to time.)

    6. Be Bold. Ask for things. Stop by unannounced. Be gracious but don’t be afraid to crash a party. Is there someone you’d like to meet? Make it happen. Show up. Send emails. You have to take your dreams and make them actual.

    ..besides, you only have ten years left to live.

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